airfield and hangarage

The airfield information sheet as posted at the airfield control , please note the finals check for people using the public access paths at both ends of the airstrip. Circuits can be to the north (smaller pattern ) or to the south avoiding the villages fo a much larger standard aerodrome pattern.

GRASS AIRSTRIP 10/28, 630M X 40M

Airfield and Hangarage Information

The airfield was created by a company now owned by DAHER in 1966. Its long history means that the airstrip receives flying visitors on a ppr basis which is the same basis your aircraft are permitted to fly to and from this Private classification airstrip. There is a movements book for all to sign and using the airstrip is on an "at your own risk" basis. Generally the grass is cut every 3 weeks but please remember it is your responsibility to inspect the airstrip prior to use as there is no caretaker presence. The hangar is kept locked as there are two French pilots who keep aircraft in the rear of the hangar and there is a tool kit/ equipment within for your use. At the front portside of the hangar entrance there is a first aid kit, handwashing only sink and a crash kit including fire extinguisher.Hangar access codes,  locking procedures and an equipment inventory is provided upon the full payment of the rental. When identifying the airstrip from the overhead , the windsock is just to the north of the strip and there are conical runway markers delineating the edge of the airstrip.( sometimes the adjacent fields are cut in the same orientation see an example below.

The DAHER aerospace factory is just to the south of the airstrip across the D976, the car access road is clearly visible at the threshold of 28.The Hangar has a white roof close to the  threshold of 10. 

Hangar dimensions

                   Opening :   With all 4 doors open, the clear opening measures 2.93m High x 12.10 m Wide.                                                                                                                         ( very high tails can be lowered 250-300mm using a nosewheel dolly )

                   Floorspace : Room for two aircraft being a square with extensions, a core size 12m wide x 10m deep. Typically two aircraft such as the             

                                        Guadan and Sherwood Ranger  shown below. With my Sherwood Ranger tucked into a rear corner there is a 12m x 7m core area

                                         in front of it.

A concrete apron in front of the hangar makes for a good refuelling point if using a jerry can for mogas TO AVOID GRASS DAMAGE AND CREATING A HANGAR FIRE HAZARD.

Airfield Access

We offer the use of our Peugeot Bipper which is lower than the height restrictor at the entrance end of the access path. If vehicles above 1.9m need to gain access there is a key provided. The access path follows a long route ( about 1 km) in a "u" which starts at the entrance by 28 and ends by 10 . The access path is in fact a public right of way and as such you may encounter horses, bikes, mopeds, farm vehicles, dogwalkers , joggers etc as the adjacent lake is a popular park area. Note that the access does require you to cross the D976 as there is no turning directly onto this road permitted.

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